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Nothing tells a better story than a compelling photograph of your product design. SOLIDWORKS Visualize is a camera for your CAD data that gives you the power to go from CAD to real life photo rendering – quickly and easily.

Here’s a quick snapshot of some of the things you can do with SOLIDWORKS Visualize:

    • Exceed customer expectations

      If your customers expect to see more than a hand-drawn sketch or a CAD mock-up, show them. Correction, dazzle them. SOLIDWORKS Visualize allows you to change colour, texture, background, lighting, etc., to create spectacular images of your product that will impress and excite your customers.

    • Get a head start with marketing

      SOLIDWORKS Visualize helps you deliver stunning product shots from different angles, in different colours, against different backgrounds to your marketing people. This can help generate buzz and excitement way before production even starts.

    • Improve internal efficiency

      With SOLIDWORKS Visualize you can improve internal design, engineering, and sales reviews to help make better-educated final decisions.

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How other businesses are benefitting from SOLIDWORKS Visualize today

“Thanks to SOLIDWORKS Visualize, we have nearly quadrupled our production capacity. This enables us to create a ton of images and animations in a short time, while keeping the quality truly photographic.”

– Nicolas Michel-Imbert, CEO/Designer, ZAMAK design