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Say goodbye to endless physical prototyping. With SOLDWORKS Simulation you can leverage the power of simulation to make quick and accurate design decisions. SOLIDWORKS Simulation helps you ask and answer complex and important engineering questions early in the design process – allowing you to test your product virtually and get real world insights.

Here’s a quick snapshot of some of the things you can do with SOLIDWORKS Simulation:

    • Slash product development costs

      SOLIDWORKS Simulation is a pro when it comes to cutting costs. You don’t have to waste money on costly and endless prototyping. You reduce outsourcing costs by testing performance and functionality in-house.

    • Boost your product innovation

      SOLIDWORKS Simulation makes it so easy for your team to bring new products ideas to life. And when you bring innovative products to market, you become profitable AND grow your market share.

    • Design better products

      With SOLIDWORKS Simulation at your fingertips, you can improve the effectiveness and performance of your products.

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How other businesses are benefitting from SOLIDWORKS Simulation today

“SOLIDWORKS Simulation brings us much closer to the physical world during the design process. When we compare our solutions to actual physical results, we can see that we have been very accurate in our predictions. This means that we dare to issue promises around new solutions to our customers earlier in the development process.”

  Per Lundström, Sales Engineer, Sarlin Furnaces